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What industry first technology did DAF launch in 1973?

PACCAR MX engine Turbo intercooling After-treatment system DD575 diesel engine

DAF introduced turbo intercooling as an industry-first in 1973. The technology was initially developed to meet the demand for higher engine outputs and lower fuel consumption, but also proved to be indispensable in realizing cleaner exhaust emissions.

Celebating 90 years of excellence

On 1 April 1928, Dutch technician Hub van Doorne started a small construction workshop in the city of Eindhoven, the Netherlands. From these humble beginnings, DAF has evolved into a leading global truck manufacturer focused on innovation, quality, and transport efficiency.

The DAF XF, CF and LF

Every transport application has unique requirements – so every DAF vehicle is specialised, built to order from a range of cab, chassis, driveline and electronic configurations.

Experience service

Pure Excellence in transport efficiency goes beyond the truck. DAF Services provide the best back-up in the business.

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